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How to take good care the Pearls
Pearl Care: How to Take Care and Store Pearls

Once you buy beautiful pearls at Canilli Pearl, we suggest you to always take a good care after wearing them.

Six Major Points to take Care of Pearls



Pearls are organic material created by living oysters. It can be described as the unique gem that carries the gentleness and warmness of life. So it has more delicate features compared to diamonds and rubies. Pearls, however if well-taken care, will maintain their lust for a very long time. Here we introduce you how to take care and store pearls properly.


Pearls are vulnerable to acid. After wearing, clean the pearls with appropriate cloth. This is the most important care method, because acid contained in your sweat can erode the pearl layers so the luster will be reduced. Since the acid can damage the crystallized calcium, in case pearls are accidentally exposed to vinegar or fruit juice, or sprinkled with perfume, wash immediately and wipe off with dry cloth. Canilli Pearl enclose a special cloth with a purchase of pearls. This cloth not only removes dirt but also improves shine. By wiping the pearl surface every time after you wear, you can help it maintain the lust longer.


2.Water  ​ 

Do not wet. Water can erode the pearl surface. Fresher the water, the greater the erosion. When you leave them wet, water can also turn mildly acid. When you wash your hands, it will be wise to take off your pearl ring.

3.Store Properly 

Store in a jewelry box or a special case. Pay attention not to hurt pearls with hard metals. Because pearls are softer than other metals and gemstones, keeping them together may result in blemishes of pearl surface. Since they can turn yellowish when exposed to strong ray of the sun for a long time, it is recommended to store them in a jewelry box or a specialized case.

4.Light and Heat 

Be careful with strong light, high heat and dryness, Pearls are organic materials created by life. Be careful when exposed to strong light, high temperature (60 degrees C or more) and dryness. It is not recommended, therefore, to wear pearls in the beach exposed to strong sunshine, additionally because sweat can erode them.
Also, pearls originally contain a minute amount of water, and when the water is lost, so is the luster.

5.Periodically change the String 

For necklace, watch the loosening of string. The string of necklace can be damaged by sweat to loosen. In case the string is broken, you may even loose pearls. As soon as it loosens, consult to a jewelry shop you can trust.

6.Keep the Pearls Clean

In case of dirtying the pearls, gently wash with mild detergent and immediately wipe off 
with dry cloth to drying completely.