About us & the world of Pearls

Canilli Pearl is the only Italian company based in Japan offering selected high quality pearls and expertise.  


We are a trading company mainly specialized in Japanese pearls but also in Tahitian high quality pearls; our clients include high class jewelry shops and collectors.  

As I wake up early in the morning everyday, the first thing I do while sipping the first espresso is to prepare the phone call list of the day. I start calling several colleagues in the pearl business, as well as some friends who run leading companies in the international market. 

Pearls are what kept me in Tokyo for over 25 years, as I can closely follow the pearl market, besides my lovely Japanese wife, Japanese sophisticated cuisine, and Noh plays, of course.

Only a part of our collection is presented online; please send an email for request of a specific product or other inquiries.  If you visit Tokyo, you can directly contact me for an appointment.  I will be pleased to meet you.


Thank you

Adriano Canilli

​Canilli Pearl Tokyo